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Power up your AS3 projects with "TextArea" class

How to have an animated GIF image in flash? How to load MovieClip in line of my text blocks? How to call my own functions from my text blocks? How to have full interaction between my dynamic content and my AS3 project? Really how?! how much energy do I really need to put on my works to do all of these stuff? These are all the questions that all of us come up with when working on our AS3 projects, no matter we are creating a flash website or a game or a simple intro page... we always need to have some texts almost everywhere. but what if the TextField class that we are importing to our project to have simply some texts had lots of more powers and abilities? Powers like letting me to communicate directly with my project and my dynamic text; like letting me to put my own custom HTML tags to load different stuff like having a Video Player in line of my texts; like letting me to call my custom functions by hyperlinks rather than just giving them an external link; like letting me to have full control over my project from my dynamic content... that really helps.
That's why we have introduced "TextArea" class which is extended from the Adobe "TextField" class that answers all of the above questions. TextArea and all of the modules help us to take less energy on our AS3 projects and get more answers. from now on even if I am going to create a simple flash intro page, I use TextArea; because it gives me lots of more abilities,  I know that when I have used TextArea my flash project supports banner, Video Player, Talking Avatar and much more stuff... and simply proofed my project easy upgrade. It's not ONLY about TextField, it's about making Flash projects more efficiently and easier than ever! Are you a flash pro and creating a flash game, Air apps for phones or desktop computers, Flash website, a flash animated Christmas cart, flash presentation? Or are you a flash beginner, don't know so much about flash and thinking about a way to change your simple project to a pro one in a second to support lots of functionalities and easily put different kinds of modules such as video players, talking avatars, slideshows and more into your project and make your client happy?
So download TextArea for free right now and just give it a try! DoItFlash codes are just some OOP classes to save your time on your projects, all our packages come with the product source codes and clear ReadMe files and clean Examples.

What is it exactly, where is the Preview and the Download link?

TextArea is basically an extension to the original TextField class from Adobe that has tried to cover the shortcomings of the TextField. It has many new features. You will be able to call custom functions on mouse rollover and rollout for your links.  TextArea also lets you create custom tags in your html content to load different kinds of modules inside your text blocks. You are not limited to use the img tag for loading just images anymore. You can load different modules like slideshows and video players into your text blocks and have full interaction with them from within your AS3 project.

Why to use TextArea class?

TextArea adds only 6 Kilo Bytes to your project and it has all the current features of TextField. You can actually work with TextArea just like how you used to work with TextField. So why not use TextArea instead? Which gives you more control over your text scripts, Download it for free right now. TextArea download package comes with detailed documentation explaining everything you need to know about how you can implement it into your AS3 projects. We have also included sample codes to help you find your way around faster.

Download modules for more HTML tags

Our team is constantly working on new modules to add more quality to TextArea powers. Creating interactive modules to be used as a new tag module could never been easier than today, with the TextArea class. we're preparing an API to help you in building new text-in-line module tags. Please find the current modules here:

Join the club!

By joining our club have plenty of member only advantages that only comes with our Corporate package which that comes only for the members of the club. Like to learn more about the members benefits? click here to go to our club page and see why we have introduced the club and what advantages does it have. A summary of what you get by joining the club: a more permissive license that is not covered under the standard “no charge” license which you get by only downloading the platform, have all of the DoItFlash available modules, help this project to move on and more... get more information on our club page.
In simple words: You can easily download TextArea and free modules under the "Free of charge license" for free but by joining the club you will get the member only benefits and will have all of the DoItFlash available codes such as TextArea and all of the modules whether they are free or for sale under the "Special commercial license" which is the most flexible license available and that comes only for the club members.
Where to use it?
Like me, I'm sure you have wished to had been able to do more with your TextField and to have more control over it. there are many times when you wished you could have a video player for example inside your text blocks. or you wished you could create an interactive object inside your text field which will be easily accessed from the rest of your project. maybe there were some times when you needed to call a custom function on href links? or maybe you wished to open a tooltip when you rollover an href link in your textfield. if you have ever had any of these wishes before, please be known that your wish has now come true. Download TextArea right now, for free, replace it with the classic TextField class in yourAS3 projects and start playing with the possibilities  that TextArea has brought to you.
Download it for free
Click to download the TextArea class (Under the Free of charge license) but please make sure to read the licenses to see which one best suits your needs.
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